Distinction Communication, Inc.

About Distinction Communication Inc.
Distinction Communication Inc. was created in 1998 for one simple reason; the solutions being offered presenters for how to be more ‘effective’ or ‘dynamic’ simply were not true.  Bright projectors can’t revolutionize your impact. The latest software can still be filled with a sea of text and bullets.  And trying to enhance your presentation skills by watching an online video is about as effective as improving your golf game by watching an afternoon of golf on TV.

Distinction’s small group and 1-1-coaching engagements walk participants through a unique skill-upon-skill methodology that builds up a specific core set of skills that deeply influence how people perceive us.  Then we add in some seasoned consulting support to provide objective guidance in shaping your presentation messages for a desired outcome and then insight for turning those messages into the kinds of slides audiences desperately want to see.

But probably what makes Distinction most unique is our focus.  We don’t teach Excel one day and facilitation skills the next.  We don’t offer hand-me-down techniques through sub-contractors.  You get the benefit of engaging with seasoned coaches who have worked with a broad range of clients from Portland to Boston to Brussels and Abu Dhabi. And it’s just that experience you get every time.

Find out more about Distinction by checking out our website or seeing what we’re up on Twitter: @distinction_com or on Facebook.