Power to the People: Best practices for integrating stakeholders into the entire strategic planning process

When research and planning occur in siloes, the resulting plans can be “all hype and little action.” For plans to be useful, influential and inspiring in today’s integrated workplace, they must use intentional community building. How does a plan truly come to life? Through the ideas of empowered stakeholders. Why? Because they are integral in defining the vision.

Based on equal parts stakeholder theory and intuition, this session uses a recent case study from Portland State University to illustrate best practices in managing relationships throughout the planning process. During engaging activities co-facilitated by the plan’s creators, participants will learn practical stakeholder relations strategies and experiment with tools that immediately increase engagement and generate empowerment.

Key takeaways from this workshop include:

  • Exposure to advanced facilitation and relational techniques and tips for enhancing your strategic planning projects of any size;
  • Best practices in managing complex and high profile stakeholder relations and engagement;
  • Opportunities to interact and practice actionable tools for including and empowering stakeholders.

Location: Date: May 8, 2017 Time: 9:30 am - 10:30 am Julie Williams, APR, M.A. Erin Merz, APR, M.A.