Dread, Shock & Ex-AWE-stion

We live in a world where one wrong tweet, one stupid statement, can wreak havoc with our organization’s reputation. One ignored complaint. One unhappy stakeholder or stockholder.
One act of self-indulgence, misconduct or mismanagement.

We know we have to respond ethically, appropriately and immediately.

And we know we have to plan our crisis management ahead of time. But how?

In this talk, Dave Thompson, APR will use the lessons he’s learned the hard way in 37 years of
professional communications to give you important tips and techniques for planning, responding to and surviving a crisis—to avoid the dread, sidestep the shock and overcome the exhaustion.

Intended audience: Internal and external communications professionals who will be called upon to provide advice and take action when their organization or client is hit by a tsunami—literally or figuratively.

Learning objectives: You will learn:

  • How to categorize the possible crises that could hit your organization several different ways—so you don’t miss an important viewpoint.
  • How to get your top executives to act immediately when a crisis hits—when they’re frozen in shock, terror or denial—by using simple organizational techniques ahead of time.
  • How to schedule your communications team to weather the storm using pre-built, agreed upon and practiced work schedules.

Dave’s Bio

Location: Date: May 8, 2017 Time: 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm Dave Thompson, APR, M.Sc.