Featured Speaker Q & A: Holly Paige

With a background in television journalism, video storytelling and digital media, Holly Paige loves helping local and global organizations untangle their messages so they can tell engaging visual stories about themselves and their businesses.

As Principal Storyteller at Portland’s Wave One Group, Holly specializes in story development consulting, video content production, and on-camera interviewing. She is an accomplished speaker, presenting seminars on video storytelling to regional conferences of the Society for Marketing Professional Services in Seattle, Palm Springs and Charleston, South Carolina. Holly co-presented “Creating Moments of Understanding Through Video” at the 2014 Communicators Conference.

What was your first job in PR?

I was a media spokesperson and presentation coach.

What can the audience expect from your presentation?

I want attendees to understand that the secret to creating compelling video content starts with your story. First, you identify the key elements you want to communicate. Then, you create a structure for your story. And then, you think about the kinds of video elements you need that will bring your messages to life. Nail down the context and content first, before you start figuring out what camera and equipment to use.

Do you see changes in how PR professionals deliver our message coming down the pike?

I’d like to see PR professionals embrace video as a creative communication tool, and use the medium to tell more engaging and compelling stories about their clients and customers.

Twitter: @WaveOneGroup
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waveonegroup