Q&A with Edelman’s Christopher Hannegan on Employee Engagement

As the countdown for the 2016 Communicators Conference continues, we’ve spoken with Christopher Hannegan, Executive Vice President, U.S. Chair and Global Co-Lead Employee Engagement of Edelman, who will speak at the upcoming conference.

Here are some of his insights on public relations.

1. Can you tell us about yourself and your journey to public relations?

I’ve been in communications for 23 years, most of them focused on workforce engagement, leadership alignment, enabling change and creating great places to work. While I started out as a corporate communications generalist at Bayer, I quickly realized that employees were the audience I cared about the most. I realized that if I could make someone feel better about getting up every day to go to work, I could make a real difference.

2. What interested you about working in employee engagement?

It’s a tangible asset that every company has, yet what companies do with those assets is vastly different and with vastly different outcomes. I’m particularly interested in the intersection between employee experience and customer experience; what’s happening at those moments when employees and customers come together if only for a few seconds and how are companies organizing to make it more consistent, better and used a source to gather real-time intelligence about what’s currently on customers’ minds.

3. Can you give us a little teaser on your presentation for the Communicators Conference?

What can attendees look forward to hearing? We’re going to share some very interesting findings from recent research on the credibility of the employee voice, the disconnect in trust that’s occurring within organizations, how to better connect your workforce to the CEO and using all these insights to improve business performance.

Join us at PRSA PDX’s Communicators Conference on May 2, 2016 to hear more of Christopher Hannegan’s public relations insights.

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